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    PA & Push Marketing

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    What is Programmatic Advertising?

    Classic digital advertising usually goes as follows: a digital banner is placed on a fixed website at a fixed price. Then one hopes that the intended target group will find the banner, which usually contains a link to the corresponding product or offer, and ideally click on it. That means a high risk with high wastage at the same time, optimizations are hardly possible with such a campaign.

    Programmatic Advertising goes the opposite way: the banner is placed on various websites precisely where the desired target groups are. That means significantly lower risk, significantly less wastage while optimizing the campaign in real time.

    That's why programmatic advertising is so effective.
    Our customers can choose the duration, reach, target group and budget of their PA campaign themselves. The target group can be defined from 17 different parameters. The reach of the campaign can also be precisely limited locally by country, language, zip code or radius.
    As soon as we start the campaign, the integrated algorithm places the banner exactly where the previously defined target group is on the Internet. No matter which website. And the integrated reporting ensures that our customers are informed about success or failure during the campaign and that we can readjust accordingly if necessary.

    Push marketing via WebSMS

    Don't wait any longer to see your website visited or found.
    Visualize your products as a WebApp with our Content Management System CMS and send them directly to your customers' smartphones via WebSMS. With the "call2action" button you can buy, order or inquire directly from your mobile device. Fast, direct, efficient.