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    HTS Academy

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    HTS Academy - the knowledge platform for our customers

    The HTS solution consists of two levels: Digital Visualization (Level 1) and Supply Chain Marketplace (Level 2). Each of the two main levels has its own content management system. Both systems are easy to use and do not require any programming knowledge.

    In the CMS Level 1, all products, services, services and packages can be digitally visualized for customers and guests. In CMS Level 2, all offers are stored with product, tax, discount and other details. Both levels are then connected to one another by a link.

    Our customers first learn exactly how this works in a personal training session, after which they receive the interactive CMS user manual.

    Everything else is available on the HTS Academy platform.
    The HTS Academy uses numerous explainer videos (in English) to illustrate all the work steps in CMS Level 1 (Digital Visualization) and CMS Level 2 (Supply Chain Marketplace) and is already an indispensable tool for our customers to use their CMS quickly and easily become.