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    Digital Visualization

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    Digital visualization

    HTS end2end Solution level 1

    Unique marketing opportunities via digital presentation.
    Our end2end system consists of two integrated levels: level one is the level of digital visualization, level 2 is the level of fully automated sales. Digital visualization and Supply Chain Marketplace. Together, the two levels result in the integrated HTS solution for tourism, hospitality, gastronomy, industry, trade and many other areas.

    Text, images, audio, video, 360 ° VR, SMS notification and more.
    On level 1, our customers can digitally stage all products, services and packages perfectly. With texts, images, multilingual audio, video, 360 ° VR or 3D. There are also integrated, vectorized GPS maps in the system, for example for applications in the field of tourism (city tours, hiking trails) or in the field of trade fairs and exhibitions (GPS site plan).

    Independence through Content Management System.
    And that is one of the great advantages of the HTS system: thanks to the content management system (CMS) behind level 1, our customers are completely independent. All products and services can be created and visualized yourself. The CMS guarantees that our customers react quickly and flexibly to market situations and can exchange and expand the entire visualized portfolio themselves at any time.