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    Destination Management

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    HTS Tourism & Destination Management

    One of the major challenges in tourism and destination management is to steer the flow of tourists and visitors: in times of severely limited travel options and economic challenges, it means making destinations and their local tourist players digitally visible.

    Make entire tourism regions digitally visible.
    The HTS complete solution with its levels of visualization (level 1) and booking (level 2) is the ideal tool for this. All offers, sights, natural beauties, tourism businesses, services and products can be digitally visualized and made directly bookable. Simple, quick and consistent.

    Culture-tourist guides with GPS maps. Also available as native apps.
    In addition, our system offers vectorized GPS maps on which all the highlights and offers of a region, a city or a hotel can be linked. This is ideal for city tours, hiking trails and much more. Via the GPS connection (online and offline), guests always know where they are and not only can all information be called up directly via the links, but all products, services and services can also be booked directly.

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